If you are looking to buy a good headphone, a semi-open headphone isn’t the first choice that you would have in mind. Sure, they were once among the more popular headphone designs, but have since been replaced by in-ear headphones.

What’s different with headphones today is that people don’t just use it to listen to music. Instead, you could use it for everything from mixing music to making music – and can help you with both AKG K240your personal and professional needs.

Things to Consider Before Buying the AKG K240

The AKG K240 open back headphone reviewed by Ironhorsetrading does do a good job if you are an audiophile but here are a few of the things that you should note.

  • It’s a pretty different semi-open design from the conventional headphones that you see out there. While it’s not poor by any means, it’s something that you should check out first – just to see if you would be comfortable and happy with the design.
  • Attenuates sound easily – if you are listening at high volume, you would have everyone around you listening to it too!
  • What would you want the headphone for? Would you want it to listen to your favorite music or do you need it for your professional use? The headphones seem to be tailored to help you get access to realistic music that is just right for your professional needs.

About the AKG K240

If you are looking for studio quality headphones that could help you listen to music in a crisp, clear way, the K240 is a good bet. AKG is a company that offers everything from wireless systems to microphones, and of course, the AKG K 240, which is actually a semi-open studio headphone offering great features.

Sure, you don’t have the great bass as a result, in an effort to keep it all real, but you do have a great sound – something we will review below. Interestingly though, even as it attenuates sound, you could be aware of your surroundings even at high volumes With a plastic design – you would have distractors calling it cheap though I wouldn’t tell the same – it sure is light!


Features of the AKG K240 – What Would You Love?

Even with a semi-open design, the headphones offer you the ability to single-ear use and helps you connect to low-level output sources. That’s not the only reason to love it though. Here are some akgof the other features of the AKG K240 that can make it worth a buy for you.

  • A design that has been used since 1975.
  • You have a 10-foot detachable mini XLR and a 3.5mm cable that comes along each headphone, as well as a 6.3mm adapter
  • Extremely light and comfortable
  • You have the ear pads in a round design
  • The reliefs on the cables offer great flexibility
  • Has gimbals on the ear cups that are smooth.
  • You have a suspension head strap that connects to the elastic strings
  • You also have little plastic cylinders that help smoothen out the adjustment for you.
  • Great durability; the headphones have been designed to resist even on stage performances or transportation.
  • A self-adjusting headband to make adjustments easier
  • An input cable that is detachable


What do the Users Say?

Users love the looks. The semi-open design means that you do not have to worry about ear fatigue a lot, and with a self-adjusting headband, you do not have to worry about taking time with adjustments.
While the earcups do not have good padding, they do have a gimbal-like suspension which can help you listen to music without the earbuds pressing down on the ears.

Some did complain about a few manufacturing defects, like a white spot on the back of the ear cup but that’s not something that should really bother you.

The speed and detail resolution is astounding, and while you don’t have a great bass, some of it does exist. So, even if you are looking to use the headphones for listening to music, it won’t be a bad experience overall.

It’s the realistic sound that makes most users love it though – and they don’t really mind the little sacrifice in the bass. At the price that it sells, most users agree that it is a steal.

AKG K240 Studio

What are the Alternatives You Can Buy?

There really aren’t a good number of semi-open headphones out there today for us to review. Most of the better ones are in-ear headphones that are more popular. How semi open headphones do have their own charm, and you could buy a few others as well.

You could buy the Philips SHP 9500. It’s a good bet and does a decent job too but we would still say that the K240 is a better bet overall. The other alternative you could go in for is the MDR7506 which offers a slightly better bass. We have done some reviews of other headphones you can buy – do check them out to know if you need a semi-open headphone or perhaps a closed back headphone.


They sound good and are a decent pair of analytical headphones. You have a classic design on offer, one that has been constant for as many as four decades.

It’s not the ideal choice though if you are looking for headphones for EDM or Hip Hop and Rock, since they just are too weak for that. You would miss out on that thumping bass noise that you have been used too.

However, if you are looking to experience music in its true form, with exceptional detail, you would love these.
They offer the unique, crisp signature that you are sure to fall in love with after a while!