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Take control of your destiny as you face the walking dead in multiple quests across various cities. Your challenge is not just shooting zombies but shooting them faster than your fellow archers!

Face the vicious Zombie onslaught, guard the survivors as they go on supply runs and protect scientists as they collect zombie samples to research the antivirus against the infection. Challenge! Are you ready?

Auvio In-Ear Armature Review: Radio Shack’s Venture into Headphones

The Auvio In-Ear Armature headphones are among Radio Shack’s contribution to the ever-growing headphone industry. At $80, they’re on the higher end of Radio Shack’s headphones, the cheapest of which is $15. While the price of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures is still affordable, its sound quality doesn’t match up to that of the Klipsch Image S4s, which are about the same price.

Among the many features of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures, their foam ear tips are probably the only ones worth mentioning.

“Standard” would be a good description of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures’ appearance. There’s not anything about their design that stands out. The tapered earpieces resemble small cupcakes with an attachment for one of the six sets of earpieces. We appreciated the three games of Comply Foam Tips in different sizes. The material of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures gives you a secure, comfortable fit while blocking out most background noise. Here, with passive sound isolation, the Auvio In-Ear Armatures beat the Image S4s.

The earpieces of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures, which are available in two colors, lead to a four-foot black cord that ends in a gold-plated straight plug. Looking at the more extended bottom section of the cable, you would conclude that these were some durable cords, but the top is thin and a little weak at the connection to the earpieces. A slider at the Y guards against damages, but it will take time to see how well the headphones’ cord will hold up. They also come with a two-compartment travel pouch.

We hardly want to go into the sound quality of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures. For their $80 price, we would expect more from the Auvio In-Ear Armatures. Rock and other fast-paced songs tend to suffer most with the headphones’ lack of clarity. More complex music tends to mesh instead of flowing smoothly. Additional music was just muffled, and the bass lacked depth and definition.

Radio Shack missed it with the Auvio In-Ear Armatures. They don’t give the quality one can get elsewhere. Individually, they don’t nearly match up to the Klipsch Image S4 headphones, which are about the same price. This is a vast price range for many, but no one wants headphones that won’t render their audio clearly and smoothly. Superior noise isolation is perhaps one plus of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures, along with the foam ear tips. Beyond that, there’s nothing much in this package.

playing your music on a motorcycle ride

Do you love riding a motorbike? Are you an avid user of bike for your regular commute? Does listening to music while you drive, give you the ultimate happiness? If your answer is yes to all three questions, then go ahead and read this article.


There is no greater pleasure than feeling the wind on your face while you are driving on a sunny and pleasant day. You can enhance this pleasure and take the experience to another level altogether.


We know that you must find it difficult to manage to do these two things at the same time because we know that it is not easy. You have to choose one over the other. If you want to listen to music, then you will probably take your car, and if you’re going to drive your motorcycle, then you might have to sacrifice listening to music.


But not anymore!!! We provide you a few useful points and ideas which would allow you to enjoy both your passions. We give you some tips and some helpful information which will make listening to music on your motorcycle a real joy.


Listening to Music on a Motorcycle Made Easy

Motorcycle Earbuds

Have you tried listening to music while riding around on your bike, and the results have not been entirely satisfactory? It does not matter. Get ready to try again, read through the tips and pointers given here. In present times of hyper-connectivity and our changing habits, it is possible to have the perfect combination of your two passions. Let us give you some helpful ideas to get the best out of your motorcycle drive with your favorite numbers giving you the company.


1. Bluetooth Helmet

This technology is still in the development and innovation stage. Though Bluetooth technology has been in use for a long time helmets inbuilt with Bluetooth are not very common. These are great for people who want to receive calls and messages and manage their music completely hands-free. It connects to your mobile very quickly and provides a better experience. Anyone who has a bike knows the importance of wearing a helmet. Just imagine if you could combine safety and fun and get this fantastic Bluetooth Helmet to wear. It is an excellent way to get the best of both things.


2. Ear Buds

Motorcycle riders most commonly use these. They are affordable and easy to use. Ear Buds come in different price categories. Some even promise noise canceling. You will have to try them to see how effective they are. If they completely block the surrounding noise, it may also become a bit dangerous as you may lose track of the traffic around you. The top motorcycle earbuds promise a balance between the music and the traffic sounds. Check before you choose. We are sure that you have been using earbuds for listening to music and know how easy it is to use them and carry them around.


3. Stereo system

It is a bit unconventional, but some people like having a stereo system on their motorbikes. If money is not an issue for you, then go ahead and try this out. Investing in a sound stereo system is essential for good results. You should also see that the system is rainproof and should be safe from vandals. Generally, stereo systems are easy to fix on the big motorcycles. You will need to get high-quality speakers; otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the music.


4. Wireless Headset.

This is a tremendous technological advancement and innovation. A wireless headset is great for listening to music on your motorcycle. It is also effortless to use and offers you a good option. Not only can you listen to music driving down the freeway, but you can also take calls and talk to people without worrying about taking your hands off the handles.



5. Volume

If you are driving your car at high speed with your favorite music playing, you are probably singing along loudly. You will find it challenging to do this on your motorcycle. You will need to keep the volume low enough to be aware of the traffic and other noises on the road and high enough to be able to listen to music. If you turn it too high, it may damage your ears or annoy the other drivers. Safety comes first, and you should listen to music only after making sure of the safety concerns.


After going through the information given here, we are sure that you are raring to take out your motorcycle and go on a drive with your favorite music accompanying you. Find what is best for you and what works for you and your bike.

Top Tips To Find Reliable, Safe And Experienced Data Recovery Center

As the world of data recovery is getting bigger and better with time, many data recovery centers are coming up. Choosing the right data recovery center in such a scenario is confusing for many because each of these centers claims to be the best and the finest in their niche and aim to provide comprehensive data recovery solutions. However, choosing the right data recovery center is essential to make sure that you can recover the valuable data on time and without any loss.


Also, some of the data centers might not be able to retrieve the data entirely and may only be able to recover data partially, whereas full data recovery was possible. This is where the importance of a kind, reliable and efficient data recovery company comes into the picture. Here are the few ways you would be able to find the excellent data recovery services in Atlanta, Georgia –

Research On The Internet

These days just about everything is on the internet and no matter what you are looking for, rest assured you will find it online. Same is the case when you search for data recovery services in Atlanta. You will be blasted with numbers of data recovery companies operating in the Metro Atlanta area. Check out their sites and have a close look at other details, and you will know which one is the right for you. Do not forget to check their experience, expertise, skills, license and registration, and other necessary and advanced credentials to make the right decision. One of the best companies for Data Recovery in Atlanta is Cherry Systems.

Look Over At Yellow Pages

Yellow pages are another place where businesses list themselves to reach out to potential customers. You would be able to find many data recovery companies listed on the Yellow Pages or similar sites online. Contact different groups and see which one you think is the right fit for you as per your data loss situation, type and also the cost factor.

Data Recovery Review

Check Out Online Reviews

Checking out online reviews of different data recovery services would help you understand which company has the expertise to work on the kind of data loss you have at hand. It would also give you a good idea of what kind of services they provide and the depth of their skills and expertise.

Ask For References

Whether it is the business data that has been lost or personal data, taking help of data recovery services can prove to be beneficial. However, before you follow other ways to find the best data recovery company, taking references from business colleagues, friends or even family if they know of any data recovery services they have used in the past or can refer is a great idea. Getting already filtered answers helps in saving time and money.

Consult One On One

Once you have shortlisted a few companies, consulting with them over the phone or visiting their office can be a good idea. It would help you know more about their standing, and also introduce you to their team and work culture, which can be useful in making the right decision.

Compare Quotes

Take and compare quotes from different companies to know what the average price is. It would also help you choose the company that provides quality service at affordable prices.

Check Customer Support Efficiency

Customer support of the company should be attentive and responsive. This is what would help you walk through the process of data recovery and provide you with answers and solutions regarding your data recovery.

So, these are the few things you need to keep in mind when looking for a reliable data recovery company in Atlanta.

Market Tech Media Reviews Tips for Expanding Marketing Knowledge

Although many companies have proven successful under the guidance of Bounceback, Register Tape Advertising, and Adcart services, it is essential for all business owners in any industry to learn how to refine marketing knowledge. Market Tech Media reviews the best ways to establish marketing campaign goals and the solutions to reach those achievements. While this company has assisted many clients to success, it encourages all small business owners to find ways to enhance their marketing abilities.

Developing a keen understanding of marketing is especially important for entrepreneurs who may have plans to launch a new business. Here are a few tips for those business owners who want to get more in touch with their companies and gain a greater understanding of their targeted consumers:

  • Create an Online Presence

Although print advertising is incredibly useful, it may prove only a starting point for some businesses. If a consumer is interested in a product or service that is advertised in print, he or she may search for more detailed information from the Internet. For this reason, companies must create a robust online presence.

The first step to entering the online world is creating a user-friendly website for potential customers to refer to. Also, this information may help curious consumers find the company through search engine requests. After creating a site, business owners may want to explore refined options online, such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and ad placement.

  • Engage with Potential Consumers

One of the most significant ways to expand a consumer base is just to go out and talk to people who may prove interested in a specific product or service. Social media is a great way to open this kind of conversation, as these networks allow consumers to engage with businesses and voice potential interests, concerns or comments. By interacting with consumers, companies will have a higher ability to determine who is interested in a particular product or service and thus identify a target audience.

Expanding Your KSAs

It is also encouraged that new businesses make their presence felt at fairs, expositions and community events which may prove as significant venues to talk with individuals in a community.

  • Determine the Unique Factors of a Business

New businesses must determine what makes it unique in the face of competition. By identifying the one-of-a-kind elements that make up a product or service, a business owner will have an ability to discover what features to advertise. A business owner may want to ask his or her self if the company is the first to market a specific product or service; if a product or service offers an improvement to one that already exists; and if the product or service directly solves a problem that consumers face each day.

Market with Confidence


While learning about advertising strategies and which consumers to target may seem intimidating, it is an excellent opportunity for new business owners to feel more secure in their marketing abilities. Market Tech Media reviews many ways that businesses can improve their community outreach, and is one company that is committed to helping its clients establish stronger connections with target audiences.

Useful Blogging Tips For Beginners

If you want to share your thoughts with worldwide readers and spread necessary information on different topics, blogging is the only way to these jobs successfully. Blogging not only help you to earn money but it also entertains you as you can blog any topic of your choice. However, to make this approach successful, you must attractively create a blog. It is a common belief among bloggers that creating blogs on products and daily items is the only good choice, but the fact is you can opt for other topics as well to make your blog attractive and noticeable. Here are a few blogging tips for beginners.

Useful Blogging Tips For Beginners

Along with choosing a distinct topic bloggers should use attractive titles as your prime focus will be to make a claim outstanding.

• It is the title which captures the eyes of the viewers first. If they find nothing unusual in the title, they will not search for detail information.
• Creating an exciting title is also important to make the blog search engine friendly.
• Always describe the topics within limited characters, because if you overdo it will create a negative impact in the search engine.

Short yet the descriptive topic is what viewers like, and that is why you have to be highly creative to craft a title and to explain the problem. It must be something which will force the reader to go to the blog, and he or she will be bound to click on the like button.

Blogging Tips

Build up:

Your blog must be a well built one so that even nontechnical folks can use it quite efficiently. Always take help of a professional designer to create your blogs because they only can assist you to make the layout and navigation perfect. If the navigation process is not up to the mark, it will be difficult for viewers to search for new posts, topics, and levels. Ask your designer to place the latest labels and jobs at the peak of the sidebar to make it properly visible. It will help the visitor to get a bright idea of what this blog is going to describe, and they can search for their subject of curiosity very quickly. However, if you want to try it on your own educate yourself on ifs and buts of designing first. Still, it is suggested that beginners should opt for the professional instead of trying it on their own.


If you are looking for best beginner blogging tips, you should not neglect the importance of the material in blogging. Publishing your blog in top search engines won’t be a difficult job if you include fresh, bright, useful, relevant and exciting content. The body of the blog may not be something different than its title. These types of blogs often create a negative impact on viewers, and they don’t click one this blogs further. Instead of using jaw-breaking words, use regular words to make it lucid and easily readable. Uses of unfamiliar words disrupt the flow of the content, and gradually viewers lost interest and start looking for other blogs.

High Quality Blog

The platform:

Choosing the right platform is one of the most important blogging tips for beginners.
• Always go for the popular blogging platforms because without a proper platform it is not possible to reach the destination.
• WordPress and bloggers are the two most trusted names among bloggers and using these you can make your blog acceptable to any search engines.


However, prior hitting the search engines your blog must meet the criteria of both the platforms. The blog has to be technically well built, and the content of the blog must be relevant. As a blogger, you also must know CSS, JavaScript, and HTML so that you can take necessary measures if something goes wrong.

How to cure a malware infection by computer virus removal tool?

Malware might go ahead and do evil by infecting your computer. It might delete your necessary files. In this post, I will help you clean the infected computer by using computer virus removal and malware removal tool.

What is malware?

Malware is a malicious program created to hide inside your computer. It might have the power to record all your bank, email details. It has various names like malicious BHOs, keyloggers, computer viruses, dialers, ransomware, trojan horses, rogue security software, adware, rootkits, worms, spyware. It can be removed using computer virus removal and malware removal tool.

For example, they create a bot.net. This helps the remote attacking computer to control your computer by making it a bot.

They might not directly use all your information, but might sell your detail to another party. So there might be a ransom for you to pay some money to get your files back. But don’t worry I will tell you how to use a computer virus removal tool and a malware removal tool to delete the infection.


Computer warnings:

Now once the computer is infected, it starts behaving odd by not opening web browsers, folders, and most importantly the anti-virus, firewall, etc. do not open and stop working. Finally, the computer never starts it keeps restarting. You can try the advice of using a computer virus removal tool or the malware removal tool to bring your laptop back to the older situation.

Safe mode:

Before you use a computer virus removal tool or a malware removal tool, some initial problem persists. Like more often the malware does not allow you to enter the computer in normal mode. You can try to start the laptop safely with networking.

Also before starting the computer virus removal or the malware removal tool, you need to take away all the CD, DVD and pen drive. After that restart the computer. Press F8 when it restarts and the logo is seen or until the boot options screen appears.

In Windows XP, Vista and 7 find advanced boot options screen and select safe mood with networking and select enter.

In Windows 8 use the combination of C and windows essential, then go to settings then press power, press shift key and try to restart then find and press troubleshoot and choose advanced options. Later go to start up settings and press restart.

 Use an antivirus

Download a proper computer virus removal or anti-virus program like Kaspersky in the safe mode to delete the rook kit program which has obstructed the computer from starting.

Use an antivirus

Bootable Disk with antivirus:

Or you could use a Kaspersky CD to remove the infection if the antivirus has stopped working!

To get your bootable, Kaspersky Rescue Disk the things required are an infection-free CD or DVD, A computer with CD or DVD burner and is infection free and has internet. And follow these steps please:

  • First, try to make your own bootable Kaspersky Rescue Disk CD by downloading directly from here Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.
  • Next, download PowerISO and start it!
  • Insert the blank CD in the driver to use PowerISO. Next press the ‘Write image file to disc’ option.
  • Beneath source choose the ‘browse for file’ option, later go to the location of the ‘Kaspersky Rescue Disk utility’ that you saved and select the right option.

Boot the computer:

First, start the laptop or computer with the help of the Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

Insert the Kaspersky Rescue Disk inside the computer with infection. Then start the computer and shut down for again.
A screen asks to choose the key to enter menu so click it to boot the computer from the Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

Then next screen chooses language and later press on Kaspersky Rescue Disk option, Graphics Mode and click ENTER.

Scan the Computer:

  • The Kaspersky Rescue Disk screen will appear, tab to the My Update Center to use Start update option and load the latest anti-virus definitions. This will take some time.
  • Now it is safe to go to the regular mode by using the Kaspersky Start button in Kaspersky rescue disk.
  • That’s it after this all that remains is to download a malware removal tool like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and delete the other infections that still hides in the computer.

Download Malwarebytes:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO finds and protects against malware by blocking, hacking, phishing attempts and automatic scanning. It can attack trojan, rootkit, phishing, spyware, malware, and adware. This is a super malware removal tool that is widely used.

Go ahead and use the above malware removal tool software to delete all the malware that remains.

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This Sliding Bar can be switched on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers. Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, set the background color, widget divider color, activate transparency, a top border or fully disable it on desktop and mobile.
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