The Auvio In-Ear Armature headphones are among Radio Shack’s contribution to the ever-growing headphone industry. At $80, they’re on the higher end of Radio Shack’s headphones, the cheapest of which is $15. While the price of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures is still affordable, its sound quality doesn’t match up to that of the Klipsch Image S4s, which are about the same price.

Among the many features of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures, their foam ear tips are probably the only ones worth mentioning.

“Standard” would be a good description of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures’ appearance. There’s not anything about their design that stands out. The tapered earpieces resemble small cupcakes with an attachment for one of the six sets of earpieces. We appreciated the three games of Comply Foam Tips in different sizes. The material of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures gives you a secure, comfortable fit while blocking out most background noise. Here, with passive sound isolation, the Auvio In-Ear Armatures beat the Image S4s.

The earpieces of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures, which are available in two colors, lead to a four-foot black cord that ends in a gold-plated straight plug. Looking at the more extended bottom section of the cable, you would conclude that these were some durable cords, but the top is thin and a little weak at the connection to the earpieces. A slider at the Y guards against damages, but it will take time to see how well the headphones’ cord will hold up. They also come with a two-compartment travel pouch.

We hardly want to go into the sound quality of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures. For their $80 price, we would expect more from the Auvio In-Ear Armatures. Rock and other fast-paced songs tend to suffer most with the headphones’ lack of clarity. More complex music tends to mesh instead of flowing smoothly. Additional music was just muffled, and the bass lacked depth and definition.

Radio Shack missed it with the Auvio In-Ear Armatures. They don’t give the quality one can get elsewhere. Individually, they don’t nearly match up to the Klipsch Image S4 headphones, which are about the same price. This is a vast price range for many, but no one wants headphones that won’t render their audio clearly and smoothly. Superior noise isolation is perhaps one plus of the Auvio In-Ear Armatures, along with the foam ear tips. Beyond that, there’s nothing much in this package.