Suddenlink Communications, previously known as Cebridge Connections, is an instant messaging service provider with more than 1 million subscribers.

If you have the Microsoft outlook application installed on your computer system, then it is possible to configure your Suddenlink account from within the Microsoft Outlook. Getting excited? Continue reading to know more about this.

By configuring your Suddenlink account for the Microsoft Outlook application, you can access your Suddenlink account from Outlook itself. Both the Suddenlink and Outlook applications share some standard features and functions, so a person who regularly uses Microsoft Outlook to control his mail messages can quickly become an expert at Suddenlink communication also. By using outlook for your Suddenlink account, you can easily access your email messages, no matter whether you are at home or office.

Crafted beneath are the pointers are given by the Outlook Email setup crew to configure Suddenlink with Microsoft outlook.

Microsoft Outlook


configuring Suddenlink with Microsoft Outlook

  • Firstly, launch the ¬†Microsoft Outlook application on your system.
  • For adding the Suddenlink email account to Microsoft Outlook, tag along with the tools tab in the top programming menu, and after that select the email account section from the drop-down list thus displayed.
  • Now choose to add a new email account option. Now take the process forward by hitting the next button.
  • Select the POP3 option for the server type, and follow by clicking the next button.
  • Now provide your account information in the appropriate fields. Enter your username in Username field and then input your email address in the email address dialogue box.
  • Once you finish entering your information, you have to open the information about the incoming and outgoing servers. is considered as the inbound server and as the friendly mail server.
  • Now login to your Suddenlink account by providing the Suddenlink username and password in the appropriate boxes.
  • Now from the Internet Email settings window, select the more settings option and then an outgoing-server option.
  • Put a checkmark in the box saying My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. When done, trigger the radio button located next to Use same settings as my incoming mail server option.
  • To confirm whether the information you provided is correct or not, select the test account settings option. If you come across any error message or issues, fix it by correcting the settings.
  • When done, trigger the finish button to end the configuring process.

By following these pointers from the Outlook email setup panel, you can configure Sudden link with Microsoft Outlook. Thank you!